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ChinaRealNews is the blog for getting the real news from China. We are in China, we have the ear to the ground and we scour the local media for news of importance to businessmen and investors around the world.

When it comes to China, only major national news makes it into the English-language press. China, however, is a country of 1.4 billion people, more than all of North America and Europe combined. News of major importance at the provincial and local level, which could be very influential and critical to anyone investing in or doing business in China, rarely makes it into an English-language newspaper or onto English-language TV stations. If you were investing or doing business in Cleveland, you would want to know what is happening in Cleveland and in Ohio at the local level in your business sector. The same would be true if you were looking to invest or do business in Chengdu, in Ningbo or in Harbin.

ChinaRealNews is the place to go to find out and keep abreast of local news all across China.