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February 03, 2009


Orlando  Whyte

Seeking for qualified Engineers.
Applicant must possess the following:

1) University Degree in any of the following courses;
Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical Engineering,
Geology, Industrial Physics. Or any equivalent courses in
oil & gas

2) 5years working experience with oil and gas company

3) Ready to work with a group/ team

4) Single/ married but not be above 35years of age

5) Speaks English and Chinese or Dutch or portuguese

6) Willing to traveled outside his/her country

Kindly forward your CV and application letter to
Dr. Orlando Whyte through his e_mail:
orlandowhyte@live.com Before 14th of June 2010


Do you desire a house but you lack enough cash to acquire it?


Do you desire a house but you lack enough cash to acquire it?

ffxiv gil

The products are scheduled to be delivered at the end of August 2009.


Have you been turned down by other lenders?


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It is great to read this discussion and I look forward to seeing the answers to those questions. Perhaps I will think about them more and respond later. I just posted on my blog about this since it is a topic that has been eating at me for a while. We have been trying to get our CRBM Platform in front of VC Guys for a while. Perhaps the timing is getting better to do this since everyone has to be a bit more careful with their investment capital.

Seems like a "no brainer" to me that not only the VC groups but the companies they invest in should be wired up in a good CRM system if they want to future proof their businesses. The fact we support a system based on Open Source is also cool since open source solutions are now getting a second and third look by the enterprise as they look at lower cost of ownership. Definitely exciting times we are in.

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