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May 26, 2009


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This must be a good news for the china commercial real estate. I think this news must be celebrate by china.

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Does the US fund luxury brands?
Does the US run or is somehow in charge of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Fendi? I'm trying to make a point in a presentation that America basically runs the world, since they are basically in charge of the global economy and political issues. But what about luxury brands? I know they're European but who funds them? Is this one thing the US doesn't have a hold of? (doubt it) I know very little about the fashion industry; please enlighten me.
I appreciate it very much.

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China is slowly rising. More and more businesses are engaging within the China. In fact, there are some interesting facts/signs that China will grow into a juggernaut market. China has more skyscrapers than the US as well as the number of Starbucks. =)

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But what about luxury brands? I know they're European but who funds them?

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Good for Shanghai then, that their real estate industry is doing well. Does this still hold true until today?


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